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RED-S & Athletes

Masterclass for Clinician's

Learn how to InPower your athletes


What is included:

  • Starts September 30th, Wednesdays at 4pm CST              ( course runs quarterly so be sure to get on wait list)
  • Recorded for those who can't make in-person
  • Limited-sized Zoom meetings for opportunities to ask questions and coaching by leading RED-S expert Rebecca McConville MS RD LD CSSD CEDRD
  • 8 weekly learning modules
  • inPOWER RED-S Private Facebook Group to access past recordings and other resources
  • Q&A with leading experts on topics such as GI, performance coaching, bone health, & many more
  • Resource library with evidence-based practice

Discover the Ins & Outs of RED-S helping your athletes stay healthy & performing strong all season long.

This course will help clinicians to:

  • Explore ways athletes are presenting with RED-S & where to find accurate evidence based practice

  • What is energy balance & energy availability. How can I help my athletes get it. 

  • How can RED-S impact sleep, digestion, immunity, heart health and many more?

  • Explore the intersection of reproduction, bone health and energy balance.

  • When the body is on E how does it impact performance?

  • What are some common cultural messages that are increasing risk of RED-S?

  • How can I prevent RED-S with a whole team, whole culture approach?


ReBecca McConville, MS, RD, CSSD CEDRD

"The life-long athlete in me wants to make sure that all athletes stay at the top of their game for as long as they choose to be in their sport. This course will help keep athletes on track before your season starts, avoid stress in the grind of the season, at the end of your season—and be ready to go for the next one. Let's face it, understanding how to push oneself to the max requires an intentional focus on balancing energy to avoid the devastating effects of RED-S."

Becca McConville

RED-S & Athletes

$499 (sign up now for the January 2020 waitlist)

Clinician Masterclass

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  • Price: $499.00

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Avoid the dark side of driven while discovering the effective side of energy balancing!


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Inpower RED-S course — Health Pro

This course will speak to the nutrition and body science behind energy balance in athletic individuals. You will learn about signs, testing, and dietary recommendations that support your active clients to go to the next level while protecting the short- and long-term health from the devastating effects of RED-s.