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Tried and True:The Dairy Dilemma

The Dairy Dilemma The worlds of sports and sports science are changing at a pace faster than Usain Bolt can run the 100-meter race. As a registered dietitian and board-certified sports specialist, my approach with my athletes is one of evidence base with a touch of common sense. Science needs…

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Sleep: the underrated PED

If there is ever an area of medicine  where a consensus can actually be pulled from, it is sleep. Sleep can be evaluated by looking at multiple variables such as: hours of sleep, quality of sleep and ability to restore  during sleep. In today’s day and age, Americans are experiencing…

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Carb Queen (Guest blog Rachael Steil)

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Nutrition :Books, Bytes, Bites-May

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The effects of not eating enough calories on an athlete

In a world filled with information and data are we certain we have accurate information to rely on? Especially when it comes to energy balance.

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RED-S graph

Causes of low energy in athletes? You need to know about RED-S

As more research came to the surface there was a better understanding of all the body’s systems that are impacted by the athlete’s energy balance.

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What athletes need to know about balancing nutrition and performance

Are you struggling to find that balance between freedom around food and optimizing your performance? Finding you sweet spot in sport is key to just that!

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Trainer Tips Tuesday

Meals for athletes to fuel and train

One of my favorite quotes is “Athletes don’t diet and exercise, they fuel and train”. Social media has done an injustice to our athletic community focusing on thin being ideal and getting ripped now labelled ” fitspiration or “fitspo“. As a result, we are seeing an epidemic of under-fueled, overtrained, and injury prone athletes.

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Recovery Nutrition

Best workout recovery foods

Your recovery nutrition is key to you being able to compete day after day. This allows you to replenish, replace and allow for repair. The purpose of training is to help you get stronger, faster, and more skilled or to improve endurance. The adaptations you desire cannot occur if the body is not given the resources it needs. Hydration (fluids), fuel (food), sleep and rest are your go-to recovery resources.

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