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Aging Gracefully… how about Graciously

Is your age really just a number? Aging gracefully or whatever the heck that means. It seems that aging gracefully is a crock of you-know-what. Everywhere you turn there is skin cream supplements and workouts that are supposed to be the "Fountain of Youth". So how are...

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Change Your Jeans in the Comfort of Your Genes

Do your Jeans Fit your Genes? Trying to find the perfect jeans without taking into consideration if it fits your “genes”?  What we generally fail to recognize is thousands of years of genetic makeup.  “Perfect” eating, supplement taking, or hours spent exercising so...

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The Pivot Point to Find Balance

Treatment Plan As an eating disorder dietitian who previously worked in a Diabetes clinic the philosophy of treatment is rather similar. When I treat individuals with binge eating we focus on treatment being like a teeter-totter. You won't always be perfectly situated...

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, am I a hypocrity after all?

Are you living your truth? One of the biggest reasons I love my job is the amazing people I work with and the opportunity to build relationships with them. Their trust in me as their dietitian is that I not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. Many times in my...

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Just Eat the Damn Cupcake

It seems we have entered an era that eating a cupcake is either as provocative as Christian Grey or as rebellious to culture norms as Lady Gaga. When did food become so powerful that it now is assigned a moral value: Bad vs good, healthy vs unhealthy, clean vs...

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Binge Eating: a Self-care Bonking?

Bonking Made me Aware Hitting a wall or bonking is a common term that most any athlete can resonate with as a feeling of sudden fatigue and loss of energy. This occurrence is caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles. The body cannot maintain...

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