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Exercise Part 2: As Clear as Mud

In this blog let’s try to part the muddied waters around exercise recommendations. For starters the government acknowledged the confusion around these exercise recommendations. Trying to separate out physical activity recommendations according to chronic disease. Since exercise science is a fairly new area research they don’t have a lot of long-term data out there.

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Parenthood Not One Size Fits All

Parenthood: No One Size Fits All

This is a step off my nutrition soap box onto a personal one, parenthood. What has come to slip the mind of others is that a simple statement more than most times has a story. For some this story is yet to be told. Those simple comments go deeper unknowing or caring what the rest of the story is.

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Appetizer Avocado Bread

Best pre workout food and best post workout snack

“Athletes don’t diet and exercise, they fuel and train” Author unknown.

This has always been one of my favorite quotes. This simple saying stresses the importance of proper fueling not just on game day but throughout an entire season. Athletes should routinely make their fuel choices a part of their before and after practice. Just as they would put shoes, socks they should be putting fuel in their bag as well. Here are some fueling tips to keep the athlete going strong all season long!

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Clearing Up Crossfit Confusion

Clearing up Cross-Fit Confusion

Starting your fitness journey can be intimidating. You’ve researched possible gyms and came across a fitness regimen named “CrossFit”. Your friends have mentioned it before and maybe tugged that string too many times. Anytime you think or hear about it your palms begin to sweat and your heart feels like it’s beating out of your chest.

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Brain Health

Brain: The Under-Fueled Muscle

I have been a practicing dietitian for over 10 years with a specialty in sports and performance. Most clients come to see me wanting to optimize fueling for their sport, but I have never had a client come see me on how to optimize fueling for their academics or keys to balancing both. Yet, we know that the brain is the most important key to both.

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Coffee: Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Not your average cup of Joe What is the one beverage that is universal whether it is 100 degrees or 10 degrees below zero? COFFEE otherwise known as Joe! Coffee has many medicinal benefits not to mention a robust flavor. It can be used as a rub for meat, enhancement for dessert or even found in facial products.

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Grocery Game Plan

Grocery Game Plan

Does grocery shopping have you needing Excedrin Migraine and a nap? You are not alone! Grocery stores thrive on confusion and impulsivity. They hope you become overwhelmed, hungry and confused so that you are not an informed shopper. This leads us to grab food off the end caps which generally is not much of a bargain.

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Exercise Recommendations

Exercise Recommendations: Parting through Muddied Waters

Our attention to the world of exercise and fitness has grown in part to social media. These two words have been used interchangeably yet mean two completely different things. With so much information, have we muddied the waters and created mass confusion?

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Athletes Injury Coaching Transition

Athletes Going off the Grid: Injury, Coaching, & Transition

For athletes an injury/illness, change in coach or retirement from their sport may feel like a traumatic event. There are three factors in which the athlete has the potential to go off the grid from their usual support systems: teammates, coaches, athletic trainers or strength coaches. However, we must be aware that we haven’t left them stuck on the sidelines.

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