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Find Balance

The Pivot Point to Find Balance

Treatment Plan As an eating disorder dietitian who previously worked in a Diabetes clinic the philosophy of treatment is rather similar. When I treat individuals with binge eating we focus on treatment being like a teeter-totter. You won’t always be perfectly situated on the board but we are continually striving...

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Am I a Hypocrisy After All?

One of the biggest reasons I love my job is the amazing people I work with and the opportunity to build relationships with them. Their trust in me as their dietitian is that I not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. Many times the statements I have echoed...

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Eat the Cupcake

Just Eat the Damn Cupcake

It seems we have entered an era that eating a cupcake is either as provocative as Christian Grey or as rebellious to culture norms as Lady Gaga. When did food become so powerful that it now is assigned a moral value: Bad vs good, healthy vs unhealthy, clean vs unclean?

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Binge Eating

Binge Eating: a Self-care Bonking?

Bonking Made me Aware Hitting a wall or bonking is a common term that most any athlete can resonate with as a feeling of sudden fatigue and loss of energy. This occurrence is caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles. The body cannot maintain sufficient...

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Becca McConvile

PHIT for a Queen Intro with Becca and Kara Part 2

Here is a little more information about Becca McConville, MS RD LD CSSD and PHIT for a Queen Co-Host Becca is a board-certified sports dietitian in the Kansas City community specializing in working in the eating disorder field and with athletes that struggle with an eating disorder.

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Becca McConville

PHIT for a Queen Intro with Becca and Kara Part 1

 In these brief episodes Becca and Kara introduce themselves, share a little about themselves and their journey of developing this podcast and what to expect from the show.

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