You want the right approach to nutrition to fuel your efforts. And just like everything else about sports, it starts with your thinking. My approach combines an understanding of science but also a therapeutic delicacy of exploring the relationship one may have with food, weight, performance or body image. Embrace the right perspectives and abandon formulas, and you will see the short term results that you want — long into the future.



In a world of cookie cutter approaches working with someone who is going to hear YOUR story is crucial part of your journey to wellness. As an ex-collegiate athlete now busy working Mom and wife who still loves to be athletic, our journey is always changing.

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Why fill a mold when you can be the mold?

In a culture that is inundated with messages of I am free to be me are we truly authentic to one’s self or victim to trying to fit into a mold that just doesn’t fit? Brooke Wesley, therapist, author of Hungry to be Whole and just overall awesome woman coined a term I...

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Volleyball Tournament Tips

When the difference between playing in the final game or going home early may be who has fueled the best!  Pre-tournament- Give yourself plenty of time to get a healthy breakfast before the match. Preferably 2 hours or more before your first match. This will set the...

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The Pivot Point

As an eating disorder dietitian who previously worked in a Diabetes clinic the philosophy of treatment is rather similar. When I treat individuals with binge eating we focus on treatment being like a teeter-totter. You won't always be perfectly situated on the board...

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Katie T.

I began working with Becca shortly after I got to college (around the same time I was diagnosed with PCOS). Through the ongoing process, Becca has been my most trusted health professional. When searching for doctors, my family and I set our standards based on the relationship I had with Becca.


I moved to Kansas City and got introduced to our team nutritionist, Rebecca. I came into the league weighing 220 lbs and wasn’t as lean or as quick as I could’ve been. After consulting with Rebecca and taking on a new life style of eating I am now a lean 210 pounds andin the best shape of my life.

Liz R.

Becca explained the biological changes my body was going through and the emotional feelings that sometimes come along with biological changes. She was a cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, a confidante and a trusted friend during a very private weight loss journey for me.

Kelly Meyers

Becca is our hero! Her youthful and enthusiastic attitude makes it easy for my daughter to relate to Becca. She listens to her and trusts her advice. Becca is a runner herself which gives her even more credibility in the eyes of my daughter.