Each year, athletes of all levels unnecessarily suffer from the effects of RED-S. Due to misinformation and "over-determination," athletes can be left with a shortened season and, even possibly, a shortened athletic career.

It is my goal to get the word out about how to optimize performance training and how to prevent RED-S in order to help athletes reach their potential while honoring their overall health.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, life long athlete and deep understanding of eating disorders/disordered eating, I am uniquely equipped to bring clarity to the keys found in ENERGY BALANCING.

Becca McConville

ReBecca McConville, MS, RD, CSSD CEDRD


The Fine Line
Finding Your Sweet Spot — What is RED-S?

  • Understand the characteristics of athletes that puts them at risk for disordered eating/eating disorders.
  • Define what is RED-S
  • What are nutrition and physical risks of being in energy deficit?
  • Identify when the athlete has crossed the line between exploring performance and eating disorder

Life after Sports

From our clinical experience working in the field of eating disorders and with athletes, there seems to be a greater number of individuals battling eating disorder behaviors, or full-blown eating disorders, who are currently navigating the transitional phase out of sport. Our presentation will address the current areas of research that would benefit from further expansion, but also provide educational knowledge amongst those in helping positions for athletes in order to make the transition out of sport smoother.

Male Athletes and Eating Disorders

Changing our MENtality: the overlooking & underdiagnoses of the male athlete

Objectives: This presentation is intended to initiate thought-provoking conversation in:

  • How we identify eating disorders with males
  • Recognize that male athletes may differ in presentation of behaviors & symptoms
  • Treatment approaches with males & male athletes
  • Recognize that treatment goals may look different for a male athlete versus female athlete
  • Recognize awareness efforts and areas where males may be excluded in the current literature

Fuel tools in the Performance Toolbox

  • Learn what are the essential tools in the toolbox of your athletes.
  • Be able to understand the needs of athlete per sport, age, gender & body composition.
  • Be able to identify what practices or thoughts may not be beneficial to your athletes.
  • Once the foundation is set exploring potentially ergogenic aids that may help take your athlete to the next level.


  • All Campus Athletic Gatherings

  • Regional or National Coach Trainings

  • Sports Registered Dietitian or Nutritionist Groups

  • Sports Therapists

  • Certified Athletic Trainers

Learn about my Performance Optimizer Package for Athletes

Outsmart the damaging effect of RED-S.


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Podcast Interviews

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Foot ball Team

I used to think that I was in great shape, and that I ate just as healthy as the next person if not healthier. That's until I moved to Kansas City and got introduced to our team nutritionist, Rebecca. I came into the league weighing 220 lbs and wasn't as lean or as quick as I could've been. After consulting with Rebecca and taking on a new life style of eating I am now a lean 210 pounds and in the best shape of my life. I recommend Rebecca no what your profession may be. It works for everyone!


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