Here are a few that I have done lately:

When the drive to performance goes “off road”

  • Most athletes don’t realize how much and what they need to perform their best despite the internet being full of information
  • This presentation reviews what is needed to optimize performance
  • Covers what happens to the mind & body when fueling is inadequate
  • How you can get back on the road to success

Recovery Nutrition 101

  • What do athletes need to consume daily to help replenish fuel and reduce muscle soreness
  • Nutritional nuggets that can help aid in recovery during injuries
  • Understanding nutritional recommendations and how they differ according to type of injury
  • Tricks & tips to keep athletes healthy all season long

Intuitively eating during the holidays

  • Tired of feeling like you have to “blow” your diet every holiday, great because you don’t need to diet anymore
  • Introduction of what is Intuitive Eating and the 10 principles
  • Tips and strategies to enjoy the holidays fully including those yummy treats

Find your WellNESS

Everybody deserves wellness and well being without it being a full-time job.This presentation covers simple guidance on how to maximize:

  • Nourishment/Nutrition- how you can nourish and still enjoy your foods
  • Exercise-how to embrace movement/exercise for mental well-being and enjoyment. How much is really needed?
  • Sleep- the most overlooked critical component. What happens when you don’t get enough
  • Stress- How to reduce it as it isn’t going anywhere. Understanding the impacts stress can have on your mental & physical well being.

Binge Eating in Athletes: A self-care wall

Hitting a wall is a common term that resonates with many athletes as a feeling of sudden fatigue and loss of energy. While performing, the body can adapt short-term to the lack of fuel and is able to activate other energy pathways to pick up where energy is lacking. However, the body’s ability to adapt to chronic depletion may look different. Athletes with disordered eating, specifically binge eating, often results from hitting a wall with self-care or self-deprivation.

This presentation combine three principles of self-compassion by Kristin Neff and how it can be incorporated into self-care. Read more > link to blog post called “the self care wall”