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Nutrition Is A Mental Game

You want the right approach to nutrition to fuel your efforts. And just like everything else about sports, it starts with your thinking. My approach combines an understanding of science but also a therapeutic delicacy of exploring the relationship one may have with food, weight, performance or body image. Embrace the right perspectives and abandon formulas, and you will see the short term results that you want — long into the future.

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In a world of cookie cutter approaches, working with someone who is going to hear YOUR story is crucial part of your journey to wellness. As an ex-collegiate athlete now busy working Mom and wife who still loves to be athletic, our journey is always changing.


“I used to think I had a solid command of fueling considerations as a lifelong (endurance) athlete and coach until I met Becca. She has an uncanny knowledge of nutrition that she seamlessly blends with her rich experience as a competitive athlete, mom, and professional who holistically approaches every athlete. Whenever I have a nutrition-related question or need to have an athlete consult a dietician, Becca is my go-to, and she always delivers. It’s not by accident that I’ve been teaching continuing education courses with her over the past few years.”

Chris J.

“I began working with Becca shortly after I got to college (around the same time I was diagnosed with PCOS). Through the ongoing process, Becca has been my most trusted health professional. When searching for doctors, my family and I set our standards based on the relationship I had with Becca.”

Katie T.

“Becca is our hero! Her youthful and enthusiastic attitude makes it easy for my daughter to relate to Becca. She listens to her and trusts her advice. Becca is a runner herself which gives her even more credibility in the eyes of my daughter.”

Kelly M.

I reached out to Becca for help dialing in my ultramarathon nutrition. I’ve always had trouble with lower GI distress in races longer than 50 miles. And going to the bathroom over and over again was starting to take the fun out of racing. When we first met, Becca had me walk her through what I eat in a day. She made some basic recommendations for tweaking my daily diet. She also gave me a few suggestions for race nutrition and hydration. I was doing a lot right, but had overlooked a couple key things. We made some simple adjustments to my program. I put them into practice on long runs in training. And we had a follow up call to review how everything worked so it would be dialed for my first race of the year, Three Days of Syllamo. The race went great, and for the first time in a long time, my stomach wasn’t the rate limiting factor. Afterward, we did a debrief over Zoom, and retooled the program slightly for my second race of the year, a 24-hour. That went even better. I was able to grind out 100 miles in 23 hours of running before calling it a day. And the stomach never got in the way. The nutrition/hydration plan made it all possible. If you’re dealing with stomach issues in ultramarathons, do yourself a favor and reach out to Becca. It only took a handful of visits to fix mine, and I was able to cover all the costs using my FSA from work. If I had known resolving this would be so simple, I would have done it years ago. I can’t recommend her more highly!

Ultra Runner- TD

“I am so grateful for Becca’s InPower Masterclass course!! The way she explains concepts, utilizes the research, and shares client cases helped myself, and I’m sure countless other clinicians, learn more about the depth and nuances of RED-S. It helped me to hear how she describes complex concepts to her clients in a way that makes sense and feels applicable to them. Her explanations of the many facets of RED-S gave me tools to practice and feel more confident in delivering education, assessing for signs of RED-S, and supporting my clients. Her proactive rather than reactive approach to keep athletes healthy in all aspects of life is so admirable, and ultimately helps keep athletes playing the sport they love without their body having to make compensations to do it. I know my athletes benefited because I took Becca’s course, and I can’t recommend it enough!”

Linda S.

“I moved to Kansas City and got introduced to our team nutritionist, Rebecca. I came into the league weighing 220 lbs and wasn’t as lean or as quick as I could’ve been. After consulting with Rebecca and taking on a new life style of eating I am now a lean 210 pounds andin the best shape of my life.”