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Are you RED-Y to be a REDs informed provider?

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the REDs
Informed Provider Certification

Have you ever felt like you left a conference filled to the brim with knowledge and research statistics to only find yourself not sure what to do with it? You are not alone as I have been helping athlete providers since 2019 who have felt lost and want to gain a better understanding of how REDs (relative energy deficiency in sport) might show up in their athletic populations. After devoting education to my athletes I decided to also focus on teaching the teacher.

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Who is this for?

Do you work with athletes? Then this is for YOU! Some of you may want to learn more about what REDS is and what you should do about it. While others are ready to take their knowledge of REDS to the next level and become a certified informed provider. At the conclusion of these courses you will receive a badge of honor that you are a REDs informed provider devoted to the collaborative care of athletes regardless of your setting.


What You Get



or 2 installments of $225

  • 4 part course module (90 minutes in length)
  • Interactive on-line community
  • Athlete Narrative Assessment tool
  • 30 Days of direct Q&A with Rebecca using Voxer/Slack




or 2 installments of $297

  • Everything from tier 1 +
  • A REDs informed provider badge
  • Certification of completion
  • REDs research database
  • Interactive on-line community
  • Tools of the trade Ebook of REDs tools, assessments and handouts


The History of REDs

After struggling with REDs during my time as a collegiate athlete I understand first hand how easy it is to be overlooked with the signs of underfueling. It is like a table with random puzzle pieces that have not yet been put together. I have devoted my career to this passion becoming the first author on REDs- Finding Your Sweet Spot- How to avoid RED-S, then creating my first course teaching clinicians being honored with the CPSDA award of Excellence in 2023.

As a result I am ready to take this passion to the next level… are you RED-Y to join me?

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Module 1

We will address biases within sport that continue to contribute to missed diagnoses of REDs. Create screening and assessment tools unique to your practice setting using a bio/psycho/social model.

Module 2

How to assess energy availability with and without body composition. Use of the athlete narrative to assess for a systems based assessment. Shifting of assessment for special populations such as the peri/post menopausal athlete.

Module 3

Developing an understanding of the physiological and psychological consequences of underfueling. A step by step educational approach teaching GI, heart, brain, growth, bone and how these organ systems are impacted by REDs.

Module 4

How do I know if it is REDs or is it an eating disorder? Our language matters- Use of consent when using body composition, positive and pathological nutrition messaging and create a team culture.

Courses are taught live but will be recorded for those that can not make the live or rewatching content.

Only for a little while longer.

RED-Y to get started?