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Do you ever feel like your symptoms are like puzzle pieces that aren’t fitting together? I have been there and this is exactly what led me to write the only book devoted to RED-S. During our appointment we will take the time to hear your story and use your narrative to help put the puzzle pieces together.
I don’t want to brag but I have been told I find a way to bring a bit of humor to sometimes tough conversations without dismissing one’s lived experiences.

Are You
RED-Y Program

After 10+ years of bringing awareness to underfueling and under recovery I am now setting out to create action. Are you RED-Y is a one of its kind program to keep you mentally and physically strong all season long. Using key components of holistic health addressing human first then athlete to help keep you healthy all season long. This program has ongoing check points to keep your health at the forefront of your mind and a community to be your cheerleader.

Finding Your Sweet Spot: How
to Avoid RED-S

Finding Your Sweet Spot: How to Avoid RED-S (Relative Energy Deficit in Sport) by Optimizing Your Energy Balance

Many times athletes are driven to perform their best only to find themselves sidelined feeling their efforts may have been destructive. In this book we will take scientific concepts and translate them into relevant and practical examples of how underfueling could have led them astray. Now to help them find their sweet spot!


Sport plays a significant role throughout one’s life and influences relationships, body image, allocation of time, and daily routines. Athletes are infrequently alone in the context of time spent in sports training and competing, so to imagine a life without connection to a team, which often becomes a group of close friends, is intense and overwhelming. It is becoming more obvious that many athletes are not prepared for life after sport. This workbook is intended to take you from “now what?” to AT LAST™ (Life After Sport Transition).

Webinars for Athletes

Am I drinking enough for my sport? What do I do if I can’t tolerate any nutrition during my training? Time is not something I have, can I still maximize my nutrition? If you are like most athletes we need easy practical tips and tricks to help us perform our best without the stress. Join us as we make science sustainable.

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