Athletic Performance
Optimizer Plan™

Are you RED-Y to learn how to personalize your nutrition to optimize your performance and health? Enhance your current lifestyle and nutrition practices for better health.


Athletic Performance Optimization

Got performance goals yet feel like you struggle to meet them or struggle with setbacks such as injuries? Entrust our experts to evaluate all your data – your current choices, health, and your body’s needs – to develop a personalized plan of action to make it easier for you to reach your goals. Created by sports performance expert Rebecca McConville RD LD CSSD CEDS and BNP founder Ashley Koff RD, the Athletic Performance Optimizer Plan™ is the first of its kind to reduce risk of injury, improve performance and optimize off-the field (or court) health.

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Better Health

A Program Just For You

In this program designed specifically for athletes, Ashley Koff RD is joined by Rebecca McConville RD LD CSSD CEDS to teach you about…. How your training, life and self- care are all puzzles that require each person’s unique placement to find their big picture. This program will have you observe without judgment many factors including: sleep, stress level, lifestyle, training intensities, nutrition & health history.

What's Included:

  • Written plan (1-2 pages with insights, recommendations & suggested priorities).
  • Recording of key insights & action steps from the experts.
  • 30 minute coaching session to review the plan & your next steps.
  • 30 days of unlimited messaging with your coach to support you in implementing the recommendations.
  • 2 live group sessions with our experts to ask questions & get pro tips.

What You Need

  • A smart phone, tablet, or computer.
  • A desire to improve your nutrition, learn about other healthy lifestyle habits and a 5-week commitment.

How is this program different than all
the others?

We invite you to drown out all the noise out there and learn from leading experts in their fields. Our personalized approach will help you start right where you are and guide you toward a future for better health.

Get 10% off when you use code: Becca10 on the checkout page.


Keeping You RED-Y

As a leading expert in RED-S ( relative energy deficit in sport) our mission is to keep your bodies’ needs on the forefront of your mind by prompting you to consider how your nutritional needs change with training. As my colleague Chris Johnson once stated “There is training load and there is life load the body & brain don’t know the difference. “ Taking this into consideration we will continually prompt you to consider how this might be impacting your day to day ability to recover from training and how you might need to pivot your plans for that week. Keeping your “RED-Y” to go each day you show up to give your best.


Performance Optimization

Even a coach needs a coach and we are here to help give you feedback as to where you can support your body and brain’s needs to optimize performance. The key to preventing RED-S and the consequences that come with RED-S is to periodize your nutritional needs to your desired training adaptation. For example, if you are training for a marathon you will need to increase your endurance capacity and bodies’ ability to recover from longer runs. These adaptations require their own unique nutrition recommendations that match as your training increases in volume and intensity.


Optimize Multiple Aspects of Your Performance


Messaging around nutrition is muddied between recommendations for health, wellness and sports nutrition. Sports nutrition is a science around how to fuel best for your training not diet after controlling for exercise. Our coaches provide evidence based recommendations from cutting edge sports science.


This program is not intended to take the place of your coach but reinforce with an understanding the science of your training. Why are your rest days needed yet other days are intended to push with an intensity that leaves nothing left? With our guidance we are routinely observing if our nutritional recommendations are supporting what is needed from your training leading to your performance goals.

Self- Care

A body & mind that has the ability to be resilient has been shown to have better performance outcomes and most importantly remain finding joy in their sport. Performance isn’t just training and nutrition it is also how you manage your self-care. Self- care looks different to each individual with their quality of sleep, rest/recharging; connection/time for solitude, etc. This is a critical piece we believe is essential for personalization to optimize your performance.


There is an age old question “ Just because one is performing well are they healthy?” While this program is not intended to provide you with health or medical recommendations it is intended to prioritize your health to build a foundation of resilience. Learning how your body is speaking to you when your health is struggling and how to use that wisdom to adjust accordingly.

Meet Rebecca McConville


The world of sports has a unique intersection of messaging & cultural norms not only in their sport but also in the world we live in. Many times leaving their head spinning with confusion and impulsive decisions (aka google). I am here to help you sort between the facts and the feelings- both a necessary component.

I firmly believe that by focusing on optimizing an athlete’s physical and mental health we optimize their performance by developing one’s resilience.

As a sports dietitian & eating disorder specialist, lifelong athlete and Mom/youth coach, I am uniquely equipped to bring clarity to the keys found in keeping your athletes resilient ALL season long.

In a way, I am a relationship expert that helps you explore and strengthen your relationship with food, weight, body image and performance — helping to find a place where these can mutually co-exist and thrive with enjoyment.

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Are you
RED-Y Now?

Are you ready to join us on the first of its kind journey to your best season/performance yet?

Get 10% off when you use code: Becca10 on the checkout page.