Exercise Recommendations: Parting through Muddied Waters

Our attention to the world of exercise and fitness has grown in part to social media. These two words have been used interchangeably yet mean two completely different things. With so much information, have we muddied the waters and created mass confusion?

The Government Recommendation of Exercise

I’d like to start with a bit of a history lesson. Exercise recommendations did not start until the 1950s. The first batch of literature in exercise was science surfacing. The general recommendation during the 60s  (besides wearing leotards & slouchy socks) was just to start various health-oriented fitness programs. However as we know with vague medical recommendations this led to muddied waters. And created what we now know as the fitness craze.
In 1975 the first recommendations based on a particular health outcome was released. The program was geared towards physical training for those with heart disease. The recommendations were provided by the American Heart Association and the American College of sports medicine. They were clinically focused on specific health outcomes.

Where the waters got Muddy

Exercise recommendations are not very clear. Whether it’s for prevention of chronic disease or related to particular fitness outcomes.

I hope to provide some clarity in my series of blogs! I’ll be discussing, the benefits of physical activity  and answering the question, “Can there be too much of a good thing”?

Further contributing to confusion:

  • The dose of activity
  • An intensity of activity
  • Type of activity
  • Reasoning behind your actions
  • And is there such thing as too much?

To Be Continued…..
These series of blogs hopes to provide some clarity! The reasoning behind why you do it and the benefits of being active.

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