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Every season, ambitious athletes of all ages, sizes and abilities ‘push through’ the pain toward team wins and personal bests. Assuming ‘more is better’ and ‘less is more,’ they notch up their training and carefully restrict what they eat. Unknowingly, misinformation and misplaced drive are taking them on a destructive journey.

At some point, their efforts to drive performance just drive them into the ground. Their gains plateau and then reverse.

Suddenly, they’re exhausted or injured. The same training feels harder. They may stop growing or stop having periods. Their bones weaken and sometimes fracture. They can’t digest well, sleep well or fend off illnesses. They’re anxious and can’t think clearly. They may fight to maintain their weight, or find it creeping up despite ‘clean’ eating and hard training.

At this point, many athletes do what they do best: they double down and try harder.

What they don’t know is that they’re suffering from RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport). Unless they recognize and address their symptoms, not only will their performance suffer, but their immune, cardiovascular, skeletal, and endocrine systemswill suffer long-term. This is the point at which driven becomes destructive.

Does this sound like your child? One of your athletes? You?

Discover the latest findings on how to SAFELY maximize athletic potential while avoiding RED-S

This book will help parents, coaches and athletes to:

  • Understand why we're seeing more RED-S than ever

  • Identify RED-S warning signs before organ malfunction starts

  • Navigate misguided information about optimal weight and nutrition

  • Transform training routines with the latest fueling breakthroughs

  • Calibrate energy balance to tap previously unreachable potential

  • Find the "sweet spot" that supports athletic performance and lifelong health

So why haven't I heard of RED-S?

RED-S reflects our latest understanding of the causes and consequences of imbalanced energy intake in sport. Formerly known as the Female Athlete Triad, it once focused on weight loss, amenorrhea (period loss), and stress fracture in women.

We now know that males are equally affected and that this serious disorder involves much more than just three symptoms. Instead, it’s a syndrome where energy intake and expenditure are imbalanced relative to the needs of daily living, growth and sport. Its effects are far-reaching and include cardiovascular function, menstrual and hormone regulation, bone health, growth and development, immunity, metabolic rate, mental health and more.



When ambitious athletes find their performance, energy, and health slumping, it’s time to evaluate whether this is RED-S. Drive is the inner fire that fuels the joy and success of sport. But, with RED-S, misplaced drive can deepen the problem.

We need to buck the trends driving our athletes toward harder training and more ‘perfect’ diets, and step back to assess their overall health with a scientific eye. Guessing won’t work here. Careful analysis and precise energy balancing techniques will.

Finding Your Sweet Spot equips parents, coaches and athletes with an understanding of proper energy balancing in order to prevent RED-S, restore health and performance, and tap new potential. The techniques that prevent and treat RED-S are ones that can help all athletes maintain consistently high performance, find their hidden edge, and stay happily in their sweet spot, now and for life.


ReBecca McConville, MS, RD, CSSD CEDRD

"The life-long athlete in me wants to make sure that all athletes stay at the top of their game for as long as they choose to be in their sport. This book will keep athletes on track before your season starts, in the grind of the season, at the end of your season—and be ready to go for the next one."

Becca McConville

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I  tackle some of the industry’s most harmful misconceptions about weight, nutrition, energy and the dangers of pushing limits. A former collegiate basketball player and sought-after sports nutritionist, my passion for sport drives me to improve the health of the next generation of athletes and the future of sports nutrition itself.





Unless you’re at the forefront of the science of energy balancing, you more-than-likely care for one or more athletes with RED-S. Your team also faces harmful misconceptions and pressures from past athletic experiences as well as mainstream and social media. I will educate you and your team on how to prevent and treat RED-S, train smarter, and reach untapped potential.

Rachael Steil_Running in Silent_Book Endorsement

Such a great book, and so needed at this time! 

FROM Rachael Steil, author of RUNNING IN SILENCE

This is a must-read for coaches, parents & athletes who may struggle with taking in enough fuel. It’s short ‘n sweet (😉) which makes it an easy/quick read even with its somewhat complex content (RED-S is complex). 

Becca brilliantly breaks up how RED-S affects multiple parts of the body by chapter—including, of course, mental health.
Thank you, Becca, for this great, informative read! HIGHLY RECOMMEND. As far as I know, it’s one of the first of its kind. 

Avoid the dark side of driven while discovering the effective side of energy balancing!


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