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REDs-Provider-MasterClass, image of a trainer helping an athlete


Have you ever felt like you left a conference filled to the brim with knowledge and research statistics to only find yourself not sure what to do with it? You are not alone as I have been helping athlete providers since 2019 who have felt lost and want to gain a better understanding of how REDs (relative energy deficiency in sport) might show up in their athletic populations. After devoting education to my athletes I decided to also focus on teaching the teacher.

    InPower MasterClass

    This masterclass is for registered dietitians, physical therapists, strength and conditioning professionals, eating disorder clinicians and other allied health and fitness professionals with interest in properly fueling athletes and the long-lasting and long-reaching health effects that can be caused by RED-S. Clinicians will be led on a guided journey from identifying RED-S through restoring health and performance and tapping into new potential.

    • Identify three prevalent symptoms of RED-S from case studies.
    • Compute energy balance and determine energy availability.
    • Master the narrative assessment technique for health evaluation.
    • Understand how to implement a RED-S training log.
    • Recognize three main risk factors associated with RED-S.
    • Understand the advantages of proactive health screenings for teams.
    • Pinpoint elements of team culture that inadvertently encourage RED-S.